Saturday, October 16, 2004

Chris Matthews Throws Like A Girl

The self-proclaimed First String Picher of American TV Politics is Chris Matthews. You know 'im: that Fastball Talkin', Hardball Throwin', Chew 'em up and Spit 'em out Arm of MSNBC.

Maybe you've seen that fast pich a' his. It looks like this: "I'm an insidr, man. Man, I throw fastballs. Look, here, look, here, look, here, look, let me prove it to ya'. Let me show ya' some of my gests at a single half-second when they are the most inarticulet in their lives (and jes before they recover)."

Wow! Now THAT is a REAL MAN! A man who invites gests to his show and then humiliates 'em in his advertisin' and then gets 'em to beg to come back to do it again.

This blog is dedicated to documenting the ways in which Chris Matthews plays Hardball only in his own mind. He is, in fact, just another Media Lap Dog.

Really, ya' know, he throws jes like a girl.


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